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Hi, I'm Sofi.

I'm 26 years old and I've been playing video games since I can remember, even though my first few years consisted mostly of being player 2 for my older brother in whatever game he wanted to play. Shortly after that, when I started playing games on my own, I feel deep into a Legend of Zelda obsession (I love to talk Zelda so feel free to message me about that) and haven't resurfaced since. 

In my college years, I stopped playing games on a regular basis. I know, sad, but realistically I was broke in both money and time, so, that's just the way it goes. Now with a real adult job, I've had a late return to the world of gaming and I've missed quite a bit. Primarily I've noticed the rise in popularity of indie games, and I'm digging it. I've enjoyed playing indie games so much in the last year that I felt I needed a place to discuss my thoughts in more detail, and help encourage others to play by recommending games. 

I'm not game expert by any means - my reviews are based on how I felt about the game and how the overall experience was. I hope you enjoy my reviews and I'd love get suggestions fun indie games! I primarily enjoy: action-adventure/exploration games, story-based RPGs, unique platformers, but really open to anything.

If you'd like to see what I'm current playing (including non-indies) check out my Grouvee profile here or my Steam profile here.

I also recently built my own PC so I'm excited to be able to play more PC games! Send me a message if you want to know about the specs.


I'm open to requests to review your game, but take into consideration the following guidelines:

1. I play games exclusively on Nintendo Switch and PC;

2. I do not review early access games or demos, but I am open to reviewing games that are close to release - I would publish the review on release day;

3. I will insert a disclaimer that the review was developer requested and/or the game was gifted to me by the developer.


Reviews may contain spoilers, but I will always put spoilers and the end indicate spoiler warning where that begins.