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Hi, I'm Sofi.

I'm 30 years old and I've been playing video games since I can remember, even though my first few years consisted mostly of being player 2 for my older brother in whatever game he wanted to play. As soon as I could play games by myself, I fell deeply in love with the Legend of Zelda series (feel free to message me about anything Zelda!) and haven't resurfaced since. 

Now, as an adult with free time, I've had the chance to explore a much more vast and limitless world that is indie games. I enjoy them so much that I felt I needed a place to discuss my thoughts in more detail, and help encourage others to play these lesser-known games. I'm not an expert by any means - my reviews are based on how I felt about the game and how the overall experience was. I've been consistently writing reviews and putting out content for three years now and I've gotten to try a little bit of everything. I still tend to be most interested in story-heavy adventures, physics simulators, and puzzle games.

If you'd like to see what I'm current playing (including non-indies) check out my Backloggd or my Steam profile.

Review requests are currently: CLOSED

When review requests are open, please note the following before submitting a game:

1. I play games exclusively on Nintendo Switch and PC;

2. I do not review early access games or demos, but I can review games near release and publish the review on release day;

3. I will insert a disclaimer that the review was developer requested and/or the game was gifted to me by the developer.


Reviews may contain spoilers, but I will always place spoilers at the very end and include a warning where spoilers begin.

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